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Highly skilled technicians at CNC Experts have repaired thousands of HVPS (High Voltage Power Supplies), AC, DC, Regulated, Linear, Switching, Industrial & Laboratory Power Supplies .Customers are assured of reliable and quality repairs with efficient turnaround times for their industrial power supply units.

For your entire power supply repair related to critical industrial, commercial equipment? CNC Experts specializes in a comprehensive range of power supply repair service, including:

  • Linear Power Supply Repair
  • Switch mode Power Supply Repairs for Industrial uses.
  • Regulated Ac Power Supply Repairs
  • Regulated DC Power Supply Repairs
  • Variable AC Power Supply Repairs
  • Variable DC Power Supply Repairs
  • High Voltage Power Supply Repairs
  • Low Voltage Power Supply Repairs

CNC Experts Is Specialist electronics repair – including Industrial power supply, drive, touch screen & PCB repair. Our service and repair all types of electronic equipment using the latest and most sophisticated testing apparatus.

CNC Experts has team of highly experienced electronic engineers; provide a fast, reliable and cost effective alternative to the original equipment manufacturer. CNC Experts specialize in repairing all types of equipment, including: encoders, monitors, power supplies, touch screens, AC & DC drives, inverters, soft starts & servo drives, printed circuit boards (PCB) and programmable logic controllers (PLC). We can also repair many other types of electronic equipment, normally without any technical information.

CNC Experts offers Free Evaluations and Repair Quotes of your Power Supply. We send you a Quotation and if approved your power supply is repaired and tested under load. We, at CNC Experts, perform extensive component level repairs, touching up solder traces, replacing bad components, as well as full testing of ICs, PALs, EPROMs, GALs, surface mounted components. Every Power Supply Repair is subjected to dynamic load tests to verify successful repair. Sealers and conformal coatings are re-applied as needed with each repair restoring your equipment back to its original OEM specs. If the Quotation is not approved we return the unit at no cost to you. All our Power Supply repairs are backed by 1 year warranty. We can handle all size of power supplies. 

We also provide a worldwide service for electronic repairs to component level – please call or email us today with your requirements.