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Dc Driver Repair

CNC Experts has spent the last many years in field of DC Drive Repairs, DC Drive Controller Repairs. The sole function of CNC Experts is to provide a quick and dependable repair for industrial electronic equipment such as DC Drive Repair, DC Drive Controller Repair, DC Motor Controller Repair and a variety of other electronic devices.

When you need valid and reliable DC drive repair services, we have repaired thousands of DC drives. We have effectively helped our clients save hundreds of dollars every year by saving them the costs associated with purchasing new equipment

CNC Experts understands that a failure to a critical piece of DC Drive, DC Drive Controller, DC Motor Controller are vital to company productivity. .CNC Experts engineers will trouble shoot and repair a myriad of DC drives in short turnaround times. We not only repair the drives problems, but go even further to identify and replace components known to fail over time as preventive maintenance for the future. A battery of rigorous tests is performed on your DC drive at the end of every repair to ascertain the performance of your equipment. So, when your DC drive reaches you, it’s as good as new at nearly half the cost of a new product! If costly downtime is a concern, we also handle rush orders.

We have hands on experience in repairing thousands of brands of DC Drives, DC Drive Controller, DC Motor Controllers. To make it easier for you to find the brands that we repair, we have grouped the list alphabetically


  • CNC Experts technicians repair hundreds of DC Drives every year, for a price typically less than half the cost of new! Our technicians are capable of troubleshooting DC Drives down to the component level.

  • When your drive comes to us for repair, we clean it before proceeding to diagnose, repair and test your drive. The end result is a DC drive that has been re-built to give you the same performance as a brand new one.

  • Our advanced testing systems enable us to pin point the exact fault with your DC drive quickly and effectively. This enables us to give you a reliable repair efficiently.

  • We back our standard repair services with a comprehensive warranty guaranteeing quality! While most competitors offer a 12-month or 18-month warranty, CNC Experts offers you a 24-month warranty. We also offer re-manufactured equipment for many products.

We offer repairs on hundreds of manufacturers. If you need DC drive repair, our team is at your service! You can speak with a CNC Experts representative at +971-566317005